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Old ways won’t open new doors

Do you have a great business idea and need support to expand? Are you stuck with something you want to change? Newnezz can help you. We are project managers and consultants, who bring a new and fresh perspective on your business. We offer a wide range of services to small and medium sized companies, that value reliability, efficiency, and creative ideas.
Challenge your way of thinking!


Newnezz is dedicated to strengthening your business, by questioning your current business model and by looking for new business opportunities and transformation. Whether in the digital realm, in new services, in re-shaping the value chain, or by re-evaluating sources of income, Newnezz triggers re-thinking in your enterprise. While interacting with business leaders or leadership teams, we look closely at the core of your business. We assist in (re-)shaping your eco system in par with other industries and keeping up with new (digital) technologies.

Projects incorporate, for instance, strategic evaluation of customer and market trends, core technologies and owned intellectual property, using e.g. three-gap analysis, thus evaluating and sharpening your innovation process. By energizing each leader’s capability in a transparent, joyful and motivated work environment, unprecedented results are reached. Individuals are asked to think outside the box and are motivated by management attention and feedback on new proposals. Our skills are with international and cross functional teams, understanding cultural and business differences, which paves the way for good and successful business ideas. Results are created by handcrafting your enterprise’s essence and opportunities to do new business.

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Newnezz opens the door to the German and Swedish markets and makes your company and your products visible to potential new customers and partners. Establish a new market without large investments! Quickly get an understanding on how the market is structured and operates.

Newnezz aims to help small and medium sized companies in the consumer industry in Germany and Sweden. We offer services tailored to your specific needs and desires. You will feel well looked after and we are just an email or phone call away from you.

We provide support with e.g.:

Project Management Market Research, Marketing and communication plans, Register of Trade mark, Branding, Counseling for Marketing Campaigns; Media Work, Translations, Networking.

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For most organizations, the usage of social media has become compulsory. However, there is an urge to constantly publish and deliver content, instead of creating a solid foundation for digital communication – namely a strategic framework and good planning. Time and resource are missing and quality gives way to quantity.

Newnezz assists companies to fulfill this need by developing a social media strategy, optimizing processes (including IT tools) and internally communicating media components and messages. This can then be used as a basis for continued operational work. Communication becomes targeted and efficient and creates added value for both the company and its customers.

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Our expertise includes marketing and communication, product development, project management as well as change management.
We support in reshaping your processes, from innovation to product launch.


We believe in close interaction with our clients and partners. Sustainable results are best achieved with hands-on involvement, listening, and analyzing carefully and following through from Definition to Implementation.


We have years of international working experience in many industries, such as e.g. automotive, banking, IT, printing, and retail. We have worked with companies including the US, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, and Sweden.



Engaged and creative are two characteristics that distinguish me. I have many years of international experience in both traditional and digital marketing and communication within B2B and B2C. I am passionate about communication in digital environments and am fascinated by the opportunities social media can provide a company when used properly. Being Swedish by origin but having lived in Germany for 20 years, I know not only the language but also the ins and outs of both the Swedish and German cultures.

My colleagues and customers describe me as driven, performance-oriented and responsible. My way of working is structured, strategic and conceptual, and taking initiatives to implement improvements comes naturally to me.


  • 20+ years of experience with marketing communications
  • Extensive international and intercultural experience
  • Expertise in event marketing
  • Expertise in Social Media
  • Accomplished project manager of globally dispersed teams



Experienced leader with strong business, project, strategic, and customer management skills. Significant international experience. Expertise in technology and IP development, customer and program management.

I am a committed and driven international product innovator, who takes pride in delivering quality results. My team members say I am analytical and find solutions to problems and create new ideas by thinking outside the box. My commitment is one of my greatest strengths. I am excited by the challenge of applying experience to other industry sectors.


  • Significant experience within the global Automotive and Banking sectors
  • Extensive international and intercultural experience, speaking 4 languages fluently (English, Spanish, German, and Swedish)
  • Expertise in strategic and product marketing
  • Accomplished project manager of globally dispersed teams (certified PRINCE2 Practitioner)
  • Expertise in product management of complex technical products and solutions
  • Active management of business portfolios and product road maps
  • Accomplished driver of Innovation as well as Intellectual Property portfolios and licensing
  • Accomplished implementer of Stage-Gate and innovation (incubation) processes


“I have worked with Newnezz in the process of defining my communication strategy.
What I have valued most about our relationship is that Newnezz is very engaged and
has given me many new ideas to develop further.”

Helene Hainzl • CEO, Stirex

“I have worked closely with Newnezz for the past 6 months. What I value
most about Newnezz is our open and trusted relationship,
which has resulted in many new ideas and improvements.”

Monika Pandey Estrugo • Blogger, blobsofsix.com



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